Copper Hawk is an Irish company dedicated to improving animal health through the development of veterinary products made from natural sources.


The Founders

Springing from their passion for animal welfare a mother and daughter team set out to advance animal health.

With this in mind, they decided to develop a grooming aid made from natural herbal ingredients to beautify and cleanse animals’ coats.


Refining the Formulation

The duo developed Copper Hawk in their home after an extensive period of research and development.

The sixth prototype finally satisfied all their requirements and the following three years were spent evaluating and refining the formulation in preparation for phased launching in the global veterinary market.


Advancing Animal Health Responsibly

Copper Hawk is passionate about advancing animal care. We understand that the single most important commitment we make is to advance animal health responsibly. By doing so, we help protect and enhance animal welfare.


What’s Next in Natural Animal Health?

We continue to invest in research and development programs to bring new and enhanced animal health products and technologies to market.

We strive to develop new and novel products, and we challenge ourselves to continuously improve and deliver real value to our customers. We aim to develop a diverse product portfolio to best support our customers in their work to predict, prevent and treat illnesses in animals and address ever-present as well as unmet clinical needs.


Compliant Manufacturing

Copper Hawk manufactures in full compliance with GMP guidelines and regulations.

Copper Hawk manufactures in an ISO13485 certified facility in Shannon Ireland. The manufacturing facility incorporates a clean-room, a controlled manufacturing environment, R&D facilities, a warehouse and logistical and customer service support.

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